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Full text of "Poland Russia and Great Britain 1941-1945"

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ill which Ukrainians constitute the overwhelming majority of the populations
were incorporated into the Soviet Ukraine., and the territories of Western
White Ruthenia, in which White Ruthenians constitute the overwhelming
majority of the population, were incorporated in Soviet White Ruthenia.
£C The injustice committed by the Riga Treaty of 1921, which was im-
posed upon the Soviet Union in regard to the Ukrainians inhabiting Western
Ukraine and the White Ruthenians inhabiting Western White Ruthenia,
was in this way rectified. The incorporation of Western Ukraine and
Western White Ruthenia in the Soviet Union not only did not violate the
interests of Poland, but, on the contrary, created a reliable basis for a solid
and permanent friendship between the Polish people and the neighbouring
Ukrainian, White Ruthenian, and Russian peoples.
ec The Soviet Government has repeatedly declared that it stands for the
re-establishment of a strong and independent Poland and for friendship
between the Soviet Union and Poland. The Soviet Government once
again declares that it is seeking to establish friendship between the U.S.S.R.
and Poland on the basis of solid good neighbourly relations and mutual
respect, and—if the Polish people so desire—on the basis of an alliance of
mutual assistance against the Germans as the main enemies of the Soviet
Union and Poland. The realisation of this task could be served by Poland's
joining the Soviet-Czecho-Slovak treaty of friendship, mutual assistance
and post-war collaboration.
" The success of the Soviet troops on the Soviet-German front, every-
day hastens the liberation of the occupied territories of the Soviet Union
from the German invaders. The self-sacrificing struggle of the Red Army
and the developing military operations of our Allies bring nearer the utter
defeat of the Hitlerite war-machine and the liberation of Poland and other
peoples from the yoke of the German invaders.
" The Union of Polish Patriots in the U.S.S.R. and the Polish Army
Corps, formed by them, which is operating at the front against the Germans,
hand-in-hand with the Red Army, are already in this struggle for liberation.
There opens up at present the possibility of the regeneration of Poland as a
strong and independent State. But Poland must be reborn, not by means
of the seizure of Ukrainian and White Ruthenian lands, but through the
restoration to Poland of lands which belonged to her from time immemorial
and which were wrested from Poland by the Germans. Only in this way
would it be possible to establish trust and friendship between the Polish,
Ukrainian, White Ruthenian and Russian peoples.
" Poland's eastern frontier can be established by agreement with the
Soviet Union. The Soviet Government does not regard the 1939 frontiers
as immutable. These frontiers can be modified in Poland's favour so that
areas in which the Polish population forms the majority can be turned over
to Poland.
" In this case the Soviet-Polish frontier could pass approximately along
the so-called * Curzon Line,' which was adopted in 1919 by the Supreme
Council of Allied Powers and which provides for the inclusion of Western
Ukraine and Western White Ruthenia in the Soviet Union.
" Poland's western borders must be extended through the incorporation
into Poland of ancient Polish land previously wrested by Germany and
without which it is impossible to unite the whole Polish people in its State,
which thereby will receive the necessary outlet to the Baltic Sea. The just
aspirations of the Polish people for their reunion in a strong and independent
State, must receive recognition and support.
" The emigre Polish Government, isolated from its people, has proved
incapable of establishing friendly relations with the Soviet Union. It has